Hi, thank you for looking through my website!  I am a graduate of Clark University with a double major in Geography and Studio Art. Currently I am pursuing an MFA in Film and Media Art at Emerson College.


I have been a feature artist at the “Undergraduate Photography Now! V” exhibition in Boston 2017, the “13th Annual College Show” in 2017 and “14th Annual College Show” in 2018 in the Aurora Gallery, Worcester, Massachusetts. My work was also exhibited by the Texas Photographic Society in the "#tpsNewVisions: A Student Show" in January 2018. See this pdf file to view the photographs, my photographs are on page 44 and 45. 


Living overseas has given rise to my interest in street photography, shooting both with film and digital, where I explore culture and how people occupy spaces. My Geography background has motivated me to focus on photography and design towards communicating science, environmental and social issues to the public. In the future I would like to focus on visual storytelling through topics such as deforestation, climate refugees, climate change and how our changing landscapes affects the identity and livelihoods of people.