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To design a powerpoint used for a final project presentation on a research topic, in this case the TIPNIS conflict in Bolivia. The powerpoint presentation was used for the class Environment and Justice in Latin America at Clark University. 



The construction of the highway through the Isiboro-Secure Indigenous Territory and National Park (TIPNIS) within the Bolivian Amazon has caused great controversy and protests since 2011 after Evo Morales announced that the road would be built “like it or not”.  The discourses revolving around the highway through the TIPNIS consist of indigenous peoples, such as the Yuracare and Chimane peoples, that are against the highway through the TIPNIS as deforestation would put a threat to their ancestral home and livelihoods.  Furthermore, lowland indigenous groups worry that the highway will open up the TIPNIS to deforestation and colonization by settlers from the highlands, specifically the coca famers (cocaleros) who are currently located in the park’s southern boarder in Polygon 7.


Evo Morales argues that the highway would integrate the country’s Amazonian and Andean regions, a long standing dream since Bolivian independence. Therefore, actors such as the government, cocaleros and indigenous groups within the TIPNIS all exhibit different perspectives about the highway. This paper explores the different discourses surrounding the TIPNIS conflict that is important towards understanding the conflict as part of larger regional and global phenomena, between deforestation, extraction, integration and development of infrastructure.


The purpose of my project was to identify and examine the different discourses surrounding the TIPNIS conflict, exploring questions such as why is the government continuously pursuing road development through the TIPNIS? What is the long standing conflict between actors and their interests?


The chose green as the main color for the power point representing the conflict over the autonomy, power and control of the Protected National park and Indigenous Territory, TIPNIS. Grey and white were also used in the color scheme of the power point, as they are less bold. For each discourse each slide was designed to have a quote highlighting a topic. The fonts for the power point are Raleway and Merriweather. 


Furthermore, I decided to design my own map on illustrator inspired by the map from The Guardian article (see read more section). I used different shades of grey for the map as it is soft on the eye, allows for readability and allows for emphasis of the TIPNIS park in green. I wanted to create a map which was clear and simple of the reader.


To learn more about the TIPNIS conflict read this article from NACLA and the article from The Guardian.