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Clark Visual & Performing Arts Department



To create a a print mailer that was poster size and could also be folded into post-card size. The Calendar would showcase all the major arts-related events at Clark per semester and also serve as a template for evert semester going forward. 


The client's emphasized the importance of laying out information clearly however, that the colors used did not have to be Clark University Colors (red and white). The client's also emphasized that they wanted a calendar that students or family members would be compelled to hang on their fridge. Therefore the calendar acting as a piece of art in itself. I decided to approach these specifications through pattern for my design. 


I have always had a fascination with patterns and decided for this project to base my design around it. I was inspired by a pattern that I often see on tile floors and thinking about removing squares from the tile floors as a way to produce a pattern of squares. After a few sketches for the layout of the calendar I decided to play with my square pattern by tilting it diagonally to give more movement to the Calendar and making my pattern transparent over images.


I was experimenting for ways to subtly incorporate my pattern as well as boldly presenting my pattern on the calendar with color. The inside of the calendar required a lot of drafts as there was a lot of text to include along with the pattern.  


The images included in the calendar are all provided from the photography department. The dimensions of the mailer are set to the specification of USPS.