Wandering in public places we often don’t pay attention to the physical, social or built environment around us, as we walk staring at our phones taking just a few looks up towards our destination. My photography is inspired by the public places where I pay attention to the physical, social or built environment. I primarily photograph on the streets which has allowed me to become an active member of the environment around me and focus on details missed in our fast paced world. Street photography allows me to step out of my comfort zone and explore new venues, meet residents of different places, and interact with the community. To me street photography is about having an open mind towards photography without being tied down towards pre-conceived notions or concepts of what you expect to see on the streets. These images represent my response towards different geographical spaces I traveled and live in. I try to find beauty in the mundane of our everyday lives and highlight my interpretation of the atmosphere and mood created within outdoor and indoor spaces.